Pipedrive Integration

Pipedrive Integration

Super Send now has the ability to integrate with Pipedrive. We will sync all activity back into Pipedrive.  

To get set up, go to pipedrive and reference the above image to find your personal api token. That's what you'll put into Super Sends Integration page:

Once you have your personal API token, head back over to Super Send. Click on the campaign you wish to use and select Settings -> Integrations

Pipeddrive integration in Super Send

You will need to add an activity type called 'Linkedin' and 'Twitter'. In Pipedrive, go to your company settings and click 'Add Activity Type'

You can select whichever icon you'd like. If you do not create these settings, the Linkedin activity and Twitter activity will show up as calls. sorry, blame pipedrive.

That should be it! Relatively painless!

This is how activity will show up in Pipedrive for you! If the person does not exist in Pipedrive by email, we will create a new person. We do not create new leads nor do we match on names alone.