A Free Tool To Target Companies By Technology

A Free Tool To Target Companies By Technology

We created a free tool to target a ton of startups by the technologies they use. This is similar to builtwith but is totally free!


  1. Go to saasdb.io
  2. Search for a technology like "aws" and you'll see hundreds or thousands of results

3. Click "Export" to export your results. As a CSV. You could then use a tool like hunter.io to find email addresses of people from those companies.

In the pursuit of quality leads, the ability to pinpoint businesses that use specific technologies can be a game-changer. That's precisely what SaaSDB.io offers – a powerful, free tool that lets you search and target companies based on their tech stack. For the customers of Super Send who are always on the lookout for refined lead generation strategies, SaaSDB.io emerges as a beacon, illuminating the path to more qualified, tech-centric leads.

Why SaaSDB.io is a Lead Generation Powerhouse

Understanding a company's technology usage is like having a blueprint of their operational DNA. SaaSDB.io doesn't just offer data; it offers context, insights, and a gateway to meaningful engagement. Here's how it empowers the users of Super Send:

  1. Technology-Focused Search: Identify companies by the specific technologies they use. Whether it's a CRM, an eCommerce platform, or a marketing automation tool, SaaSDB.io lets you zoom in on your ideal tech-profiled leads.
  2. Free, Unlimited Access: In the spirit of empowering our community, SaaSDB.io offers this rich data at no cost. Search, explore, and utilize tech insights without any restrictions.
  3. Easy Export of Results: Once you've identified your leads, SaaSDB.io makes it simple to take action. Export your results effortlessly, integrating them into your Super Send workflow for targeted outreach campaigns.

Leveraging SaaSDB.io in Your Lead Generation Strategy

With SaaSDB.io, the approach to lead generation becomes more strategic and data-driven. Tailor your outreach by understanding the technological context of your prospects. Are they using a competitor's solution? Are they leveraging a tool that complements your offering? SaaSDB.io answers these questions, paving the way for personalized, relevant, and impactful communication.

Get Started with SaaSDB.io

Join the ranks of Super Send users who are already reaping the benefits of tech-driven lead targeting. SaaSDB.io is more than a tool; it's your partner in refining the art of lead generation. Access it for free, integrate it seamlessly with your Super Send campaigns, and watch as your lead quality and engagement rates soar.