Safe Proxy

In order to more safely use Linkedin, we have created a tool to let you log in to Linkedin locally. Proxies and all that other fany stuff used to work ... it doesn't anymore.

So we decided to build an app that would stay open locally to ensure you can still do what you need to.

After downloading the app on Windows or Mac, you can log in to your  Super Send account.

After you log in, click "Open Linkedin"

This will open up Linkedin for you to log in to.

Once you have successfully logged in to Linkedin, the window will close. You will then be able to see your new account in Super Send.

The campaign is now ready to be run locally while this app is open:

Make sure to change your campaign to "local" mode in the settings!!!

While this doesn't prevent all disconnections or blocks from Linkedin, it does help.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you're on a Mac, you might need to follow some extra steps to install the app since the app isn't on the App Store yet.

Step 1: Open the download .dmg file

Drag the super send app and drop it to Applications folder (left to right)

If you open the Super Send app now, you'd see this warning.

Step 2: Open System Settings > Privacy > Open Anyway

You'd see '"Super Send" was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer', click on 'Open Anyway'

Step 3: Click on Open

Now you should see the Super Send app open as expected.