10 Best Lemlist Alternatives To Level Up Your Cold Outreach in 2023

10 Best Lemlist Alternatives To Level Up Your Cold Outreach in 2023
10 Best Lemlist Alternatives

Lemlist’s monthly subscriber base of 10k users and stellar auto email warm-up feature make it a great choice for many founders. However, it doesn't fit the bill for teams just looking for reliable cold outreach software at an affordable price.

For starters, its basic pricing starts at $59/month with limited features, which is costlier than most of its competitors.

Secondly, many Capterra users found Lemlist’s UI substandard and criticized its customer service:


We’ve compiled ten best Lemlist alternatives that are packed with more features and lighter on the pocket!

1. Saleshandy

Saleshandy excels at hyper-personalizing emails with different merge tags, allowing users to customize those merge tags too.

Unlike Lemlist, you can send email sequences to up to 5000 contacts daily.

Its UI is far more intuitive and user-friendly than Lemlist's, so you’ll have an easier time navigating and grasping it.

Why We Love Saleshandy as a Lemlist Alternative:

  • You can set multi-stage sequences and automate the follow-up process with Saleshandy’s personalized emails.
  • Its AI-powered writing assistance helps avoid spam-triggering words and create compelling emails.
  • The LinkedIn plugin adds LinkedIn prospects directly to the email sequence.
  • An email warm-up tool is included in the subscription.

Price: Starts at $27/month

2. Super Send

Unlike most cold outreach software, Super Send covers different channels of cold outreach, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

From email warming up to personalized automated follow-ups, Super Send has everything you need to run an effective cold outreach campaign.

The best part—it’s super focused on helping bootstrapped founders get their first 100 customers and run data-backed outbound campaigns via multiple channels.

Why Super Send Is the Best Lemlist Alternative:

  • You can onboard unlimited teams, contacts, and campaigns in the basic plan.
  • Super Send’s inbox rotation feature that allows users to send one campaign from multiple email addresses is already a big hit!
  • It helps you strengthen your personalization strategy using personalized images for cold emails.
  • Users can automatically follow Twitter users and DM them from the platform.

Price: Starts at $25/month

3. Mailshake as a Lemlist Alternative

Mailshake is a user-experience-focused tool, which, unlike most cold outreach software, makes it quite easy to use.

Why We Love Mailshake as a Lemlist Alternative:

  • Mailshake’s UI is super-intuitive, making it easy for users to find their way around its features and functionalities.
  • It detects missing data from the CSV containing your leads roundup and provides options for fallback replacements.
  • It shows reporting across all campaigns on the dashboard for quick comparison.
  • Mailshake allows users to drop a new list of prospects into an existing campaign.

Price: Starts at $58/month

4. Gmass

You’ll love Gmass if you only need a dedicated cold emailing software that operates from within your Gmail.

Just download the extension, head over to your Gmail, and start using Gmass.

Why We Love Gmass as a Lemlist Alternative:

  • Users can conveniently personalize their emails at scale by pulling their leads database via Mail merge.
  • Gmass allows running campaigns in draft mode and reviewing them before sending.
  • It offers spectacular deliverability. On the other hand, Lemlist’s deliverability is quite a matter of concern for many G2 reviewers.


Price: Starts at $19.95/month

5. Woodpecker

Woodpecker has the most minimalistic design among all the listed Limlist alternatives and offers hyper-personalization.

Why Consider Woodpecker as a Lemlist Alternative:

  • The snippet feature uses AI to automatically analyze the interest levels of email respondents. This helps you target warmer leads and create better campaigns.
  • Everything is accessible on the main dashboard—email creation, scheduling, creating flow sequences, etc.
  • It displays campaign metrics (opened, responded, or delivered) on the dashboard.

Price: Starts at $49/month

6. Yesware

Yesware has been around for a while and is an excellent email add-on outreach software (like Gmass) compatible with Gmail and Outlook. It’s reasonably priced for solopreneurs and bootstrapped founders to start their cold outreach journey.

Why Yesware Is a Great Lemlist Alternative:

  • Yesware’s email tracking feature is a user favorite, as per G2 reviews.


  • Its meeting scheduler is easy to integrate with Gmail or Outlook.
  • It allows users to create multi-channel campaigns with different user touchpoints. For example, if step one is cold outreach, step two could be a phone call.

Price: Starts at $15

7. Mailtrack.io

Unlike most outreach software listed here that include tracking, Mailtrack specifically tracks email opens.

Why We Love Mailtrack.io as a Lemlist Alternative:

  • It’s lightweight and easy to integrate with Gmail.
  • Users can see how many times their email has been opened.
  • It sends real-time notifications for each activity.

Price: Starts at $1/month

8. Staffbase

Staffbase is an email communication platform heavily focused on improving employee communication and caters to HR professionals.

However, you can still use it to get great insights into your leads and tailor your future campaigns based on the data, regardless of their industry.

Why Staffbase Is a Great Lemlist Alternative for HR (and Beyond)

  • Staffbase offers detailed email tracking and analytics.
  • It helps you target leads based on what’s relevant to them.
  • It provides data-driven answers as part of trend reporting for each campaign.

Price: Upon quote

9. Quickmail.io

While most Lemlist alternatives don’t offer a warm-up feature, Quickmail stands out. It’s an excellent tool to automate your sales pipeline and marketing processes.

How Quickmail Compares to Lemlist:

  • Quickmail eliminates the need to access clients’ inboxes and still send emails on their behalf.
  • Its warm-up feature is free with a subscription.
  • Its deliverability is fantastic, and one can see the deliverability scores for each inbox.
  • It works with multiple email services at a time.

Price: Starts at $59/month

10. Reply.io

Reply is more of a multi-channel sales engagement platform that covers more ground than the rest. And by multi-channel, we mean email outreach, email search, calls, Whatsapp messages, LinkedIn outreach, and more.

Why Use Reply.io Instead of Lemlist

  • Reply.io’s built-in processing allows users to link LinkedIn prospects to different cadences directly.
  • The AI-based scoring system scores email content based on quality and relevance.
  • It offers spam detection to spot triggering keywords in an email.
  • The integration with Sales Navigator is regarded as one of its best features for finding quality leads.

Price: Starts at $50/month

Verdict: What’s the Best Lemlist Alternative?

We’d say it depends on your goals and budget. Most of the software mentioned above are cheaper or have better features than Lemlist, and many offer a free trial—so you can see what works best for you.

However, if you’re looking for cold outreach software that’s just as good as Lemlist with unrestricted plans and is super affordable, Super Send is the answer.
Sign up for a free trial today and lock in a lower monthly price!