A 3-month Cold Outreach Strategy

A 3-month Cold Outreach Strategy

I was speaking to a new customer yesterday going through some ideas on what could help her achieve her goals over the next 3 months. I think the plan we worked on together could work for a ton of businesses.

So here you go, a step by step plan to run an effective outbound campaign over the next 3 months.

Before we begin, I'm going to assume you have some leads. You can use our tools to build your lead lists or get them from other places.

I'm assuming you also have zero data on what works for you already. Maybe you haven't tested cold email or Linkedin in a while, or maybe you're just getting started. Either way, this is a good exercise to do every once in a while.

Sequence 1 - Learn Something

Our objective is to test some copy and find something that resonates. You want 50%+ open rates. The higher the better. You want 2%-5% positive reply rates. Again, the higher the better.

Do not move past this step until you hit 50%+ open rates and 2%+ positive response rates.  If you need to repeat this several times, use the winner of the previous sequence as the "A" test in the new one.

  • Start with 250 random leads
  • Write an A/B/C/D test with a 3-step email sequence. (Use our AI writer to write it for you if you're stuck)
  • Start sending and find the winning copy amongst the tests.

Your sequence steps should look like this, but with a/b/c/d tests for each of them.

Do not even THINK about moving past this step until you've done the above ground work. The following won't help if you don't have copy that converts for you.

Sequence 2 - Twitter

So many people discount Twitter. They prefer email and Linkedin. Both are great. But here's why we like Twitter right now:

  • 4% response rates
  • High DM volume allowed
  • Easy to build lead lists

How to build your list:

  1. Find your competitor's Twitter handles
  2. Go to our Twitter lead list builder https://supersend.io/leads/twitter and enter in your competitor's twitter handles.

This is a very simple 1-step sequence. I want you to create 1 campaign per competitor and reference them in your message.

Send 100 per day.

Sequence 3 - Larger Test

  • Repeat Sequence 1 with 500 leads and another A/B/C/D test. You're picking the winning copy from Sequence 1.

Sequence 4 - Retargeting

It's time to start doing some hand-to-hand combat. I like Linkedin for this. You're going to export the leads from Super Send for any prospects that opened your emails more than 3 times but did not reply. If you have click tracking enabled, you can substitute the filter to be people who clicked on a link in your emails.

Export this list from your other campaigns. This is the retargeting list.

Find a VA if you don't have the Linkedin URLs. It's worth investing in this list now.

This is what I want your sequence to look like:

After this wait step, this is where you're going in for your ask.

Let's walk through this a bit. We're going to

  • visit their profile
  • like a recent post
  • connect with them (with a message referencing our previous email content - Please dear god don't ask if they saw your emails)
  • if they don't accept send one final email and give up on them.
  • If they do accept, then send one final message
  • If they don't respond after this, wait for 3 months and try again.

What are you waiting for?

If you don't get a sale after all of this, I'm sorry to say, it's either:

  • your product
  • you

This is of course in the context of b2b and assuming you have some product / service that has > 1 customer.

This work will yield meetings. I promise. If you follow the above steps and get zero meetings I'll give you access to Super Send free for life.