A/B Testing Is Here!

How to A/B test your cold emails

A/B Testing Is Here!
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We've been pushing new features out like crazy. In case you missed the recent updates, we now have:

  • Inbox Rotation - Attach unlimited email addresses to send from
  • A/B Testing - Test the email subject and body and measure performance
  • Email Warming Revamp - Simplified metrics for Mail Warm performance
  • Dynamic Images - Send personalized images to your prospects
Cold Email A/B Testing In Super Send

When setting up a sequence you can now A/B test both the email subject as well as the email body. Anybody that receives a "B Test" email will receive "B Test" emails throughout the sequence meaning each sequence can be thought of as two sequences.

Said another way, if you have multiple A/B tests in your sequence, then a prospect that receives a B test will always receive the B test emails for that sequence if there is one available.

How A/B testing works

Your metrics will also be broken out by A/B test as well so you can clearly see which test is working better.

The product is getting packed with features, and is starting to get a little more complex for first time users to navigate. Let me know if you run into any issues or something is confusing for you, I'll do my best to shoot a loom video for you to try and answer your questions! There are over 200 of you super senders now, so please be patient if I don't respond right away!

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