Automating Email Sequences With Hubspot

Automating Email Sequences With Hubspot
Super Send now has an integration with Hubspot to sync your CRM contacts into our sequences!

To integrate Hubspot into Super Send you need to follow a few steps. After the integration is complete, all you contacts can automatically be imported into your campaign on a daily basis. This enables use cases like:

  • an embedded Hubspot form on your website or lead magnet that captures email addresses, then automatically adds them to a sequence in Super Send.
  • Sync your entire Hubspot database to an email sending tool with sequences

The instructions for automating email sending from Hubspot are located here, or you can follow along below:

Once you've created your private app in Hubspot and added the api key to the integrations page, your contacts will be synced automatically throughout the day. It may take a few hours for your contacts to sync initially.

After syncing your contacts with Hubspot, you'll need to verify each contact before they will be added to the sequence.

You can always click "Verify All" instead of doing one-by-one verifications.