Best Ways to Find Leads' Email Addresses for Cold Outreach

Finding relevant leads is tough—but getting their email addresses is tougher!

Most professionals do not publish their email addresses online. No one wants to deal with unsolicited emails and spam. (And in most cases, the information on their website turns out to be outdated and incorrect.)

These challenges only delay sales engagement and outreach, making every rep (or entrepreneur wanting to land that sale) feel powerless and frustrated.

Fortunately, there are workarounds! So in this article, we’re going to discuss the solutions to finding your leads’ email addresses – the non-sleazy way.

Should You Buy an Email List?

Building an email list from scratch can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

And often, businesses resort to purchasing email lists as a shortcut to finding potential leads. While it seems like a quick and easy solution, buying an email list only does more harm than good.

Here’s why:

  • When you purchase an email list, you have no control over the quality of the leads. The people on the list may not be interested in your product or service, or they may not even exist. This can lead to a high bounce rate, low open rates, and even spam complaints.
  • Purchased email lists are often outdated and may contain incorrect or invalid email addresses. When you send emails to these addresses, your emails may end up in spam folders or get blocked altogether, harming your reputation. At the very least, you’ll need to pay for an email verifier to check those addresses (unless you use Super Send - then it’s included in the package).

Legit Ways of Finding Email Addresses

When it comes to finding emails, most people fail to start with the obvious—LinkedIn search and website exploring. Look for their contact details on their LinkedIn profile and see if they have a blog or website you can check out.

Considering you’ve done the basic research, let’s look at some non-obvious ways to find email addresses.

1. Email Finders: The Quickest Way to Find Leads’ Email Addresses

Don’t have time to go through exhaustive methods to find emails? You have email finders to help you get email addresses with a click.

Tools, including Super Send,, and Findymail, collect information from different sources to find the email address you are looking for:

  • These tools associate an email address with a domain name and search the public records of domain registrars, company websites, and social media profiles to find email addresses.
  • They use pattern-matching algorithms to generate email addresses based on a given domain name and common email address formats.
  • Many tools also verify whether an email address is valid or not by checking the email server's response when sending a test email.

Super Send has recently rolled an update in the Chrome extension, which allows you to easily find the email addresses for the leads you discovered with Sales Navigator, and add them to your robust outreach campaigns!

How to Find Leads’ Email Addresses Using Super Send

1. Download the Super Send Chrome extension.

2. Open the Sales Navigator and search for the lead’s job title. (Let’s say we’re searching for leads who are heads of marketing in their organizations.)

3. Click on the Super Send extension, and select the team and campaign to which you want to add the new leads.

4. Super Send will identify and validate each email address.

5. Once done, save your leads!

Super Send also released a free email finder. Input the first name, last name, and the domain or company website, and it will get and validate the email address for you!

2. Use Online Directories and B2B Contact Databases

Online directories like Crunchbase and ZoomInfo also provide valuable information about companies and key decision-makers.

I typically use them early on in the lead sourcing or prospecting processes to find the right people and understand their current headspace, respectively.

The problem is, B2B contact databases can cost a pretty penny, so they’re not always a good choice. Additionally, you’ll still need to validate those email addresses – I can’t count all the times I got an incorrect address that could’ve wrecked my deliverability.

3. Play the Long Game on Social Media

You found your lead on LinkedIn or Twitter but don’t see their email address listed anywhere on their profile or their website? There’s always an option to ask them for their email address, provided they’re comfortable sharing it with you.

You either need a good pitch or an existing relationship. If your pitch is solid and the lead fits your ICP to a T, you’re good - skip to the last line in this paragraph!

But if you need to build a relationship, introduce yourself, pay attention to their work on the platform, and build a relationship.

Here’s a fool-proof way of doing this:

  • Engage (like and comment) their posts on these platforms—don’t forget to leave valuable insights or thoughtful praise!
  • Send them a connection request with a personalized note or DM them on Twitter, taking a discussion further.
  • Once you’ve built rapport, ask for their email address.

Or just, y’know, use SuperSend to automate social media cold outreach on LinkedIn & Twitter. 🤷

A simple Google search can solve many problems if you know how to search effectively. Type in specific search queries such as:

  • [full name] + [company name] + “email”
  • [full name] + [company name] + “@”
  • + [Full Name] + Email

Play around with different search queries, and it will at least lead you one step closer, if not to the exact email address.

Ready to Generate Endless Leads for Your Cold Outreach Campaigns?

Finding your leads’ email addresses doesn’t have to be exhausting – if you know where to look.

Try email finders, online directories, social media, or Google to reach the people who could really use your product in their lives. Then, make sure you validate the email addresses.

Or give yourself a break and choose a solution that offers everything you need for successful cold outreach: Super Send. Get the full package, from email finding to conditional sequences (and more!) – starting from $40/month.

Make Super Send your cold outreach partner!