Email Deliverability Master Series Part 8: Understanding Anti-Spam Laws - Navigating the Legal Landscape of Emailing

Email Deliverability Master Series Part 8: Understanding Anti-Spam Laws - Navigating the Legal Landscape of Emailing
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What's up Super Senders!

We’re sailing into the eighth part of our email deliverability series, and this time, we're entering some serious territory - the world of anti-spam laws and regulations.

Just as you wouldn't start a business without understanding the relevant laws, you shouldn't delve into email marketing without familiarizing yourself with its legal landscape. Complying with these laws will not only keep your emails out of the spam folder but also help maintain your business's reputation.

While different countries have their own specific laws, there are some universal principles that apply. Here are some key ones you should be aware of:


The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act requires that you:

  • Clearly identify yourself in your emails.
  • Include your physical postal address in every email.
  • Clearly label promotional emails.
  • Include a clear and easy way to opt-out of future emails.
  • Honor opt-out requests promptly.

2. CASL (Canada)

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation demands:

  • Consent from the recipient before sending emails (either express or implied).
  • Clear identification of the sender.
  • An easy, no-cost way to opt-out.

3. GDPR (European Union)

The General Data Protection Regulation primarily focuses on data protection but also has implications for email marketing:

  • Consent must be freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous.
  • You must allow recipients to withdraw consent as easily as it was given.
  • You must protect the personal data you process.

4. PECR (UK)

The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations require:

  • Clear consent from individuals before sending electronic marketing.
  • Clear identification of the sender.
  • An easy way to opt-out of future messages.

As complex as this may sound, don't fret. Super Send is here to make compliance easier. We automatically include an unsubscribe link in every email, and we encourage you to be transparent and honest about who you are and why you're contacting the recipient.

In the next installment of our series, we'll be exploring how to measure and analyze your email campaign's performance. So, stay tuned!

Until then, remember – a compliant email marketer is a successful email marketer. Stick to the rules, respect your subscribers, and keep reaching for the stars!

Happy (Legal) Sending!