How to embed a loom video in your cold email (with gif thumbnail)

How to embed a loom video in your cold email (with gif thumbnail)

I shoot loom videos all the time and it's nice to be able to embed them into a cold email campaign. Whether it's personalized to each prospect (best) or it's a generic video to be sent to hundreds of prospects, here's an easy way to embed them so the email also includes the GIF preview. Here's an example:

example of a cold email with a loom video embedded

Step 1:

If you don't have a loom video already, you're going to need one. Once you've created your loom video, go to that invididual video's page and in the top right, click Share.

The share button in Loom

You'll then need to click on the Embed tab and click on the Copy thumbnail code. This ill look something like this:

Example embed code in loom (with gif preview)

Once you have this code snippit, you can head over to your favorite email sending tool. You can guess what ours it!

Inside Super Send, you can head over to the Leads page and click Add A Contact at the top of the page. We're going to insert this snippit into the one_liner field. You can of course do this with a CSV upload in bulk.

Super Send Leads Page To Add One Liner

Once that contact has been added, you're now ready to use the variable {{one_liner}} in your email sequence

Embedding your loom video into a cold email

The {{one_liner}} variable will be replaced with the loom video resulting in an email with the embedded gif showing!

Happy Sending,