How To Track Cold Emails

How To Track Cold Emails
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

There are several basic types of tracking you can use in cold emails. The primary tracking metrics are opens, clicks, replies, bounces, unsubscribes.


Open rates are the amount of times that a prospect opens an email. You can track total opens (i.e. if the message was opened more than once by the same person) or unique opens (i.e. the discrete amount of people you sent to that opened your emails)


Click tracking is a common metric when tracking cold emails. This is the amount of times the receiver clicked on a link in your email. If you do not have any links to external sites in your email, you cannot track the number of click.


Reply tracking is the amount of times your email is replied to. This can sometimes include auto responders or unsubscribe messages, but typically the metric you really care about is positive replies. Positive replies represent the amount of people interested in your offer.


Sending an email to an invalid address will cause the message to bounce. The amount of bad or invalid email addresses you send to in a campaign is known as the bounce rate. You want to keep this as low as possible.


This is the rate at which prospects unsubscribe to your messages. If they click opt out or indicate they would otherwise not like to receive messages from you, this will count as an unsubscribe.

In Super Send, all of your cold emails are tracked automatically, it's how we know when to send a follow up or if we should no longer send messages to that particular contact.