Hubspot 2-way sync is here!

Hubspot 2-way sync is here!
Super Send has a 2-way sync with Hubspot

It was raining in LA this weekend and of course the Super Send team never rests so we decided to knock out a long awaited feature ... the 2-way Hubspot sync!

For every email sent in Super Send, we will:

  • create the contact if it does not exist in Hubspot
  • add the email with full html of what was sent at the exact time

For all other messages like Twitter or Linkedin, we will add the activity as a note for that contact:

For more info on how to set this up, check out the integration guide here:

To set up your hubspot account and get an api key, follow these intructions: Hubspot Integration | ScribeBy Andrew PiernoScribe in the UI in Super Send, you put your token on the integrations page: There are only two options. Import All Contacts All contacts will be imported into this super…

Happy Sending!