🥳 LinkedIn Messaging Is Here!

🥳  LinkedIn Messaging Is Here!
Automate LinkedIn Messaging to first degree connections on Super Send!

LinkedIn messages + free cold email templates!

Shoutout to the 800+ teams that joined Super Send. Means the world to me you all switched. And as always feel free to reach out on support!

By far the #1 requested feature is now finally in beta. You can message your first degree connections, see if they reply, and send follow ups if they don't!

Be careful with this powerful new feature, LinkedIn is not nice to automation these days. Start slow, and probably send fewer messages than you'd like to just to pilot the feature and stay below LinkedIn's radar.

To get started, select the new message type "LinkedIn Message"

How to select the LinkedIn Message type in Super Send.

Nothing changes in writing your message, it still supports liquid syntax, variables, spintax, etc.

You can now set up a campaign that does something like this:

  1. Connection request with a message

Try to connect with someone with or without a message

2. If they accepted your connection request but didn't reply, send them another message.

3. If they still didn't reply, send them another, etc.

It would look something like this:

Automated LinkedIn Prospecting

Cold Email Template Marketplace

Our template / sequence marketplace is now here, check out some awesome sequences pre built for you and ready for you to clone and use on Super Send!

cold email templates on super send

Intro Videos On Youtube

I finally found some time to record new videos and put them into a playlist on youtube. If you want a deeper dive on Super Send, take a look at our Getting Started playlist.

Happy Sending!