Our Biggest Update Yet!

Our Biggest Update Yet!

We've radically changed how sequences are built in Super Send! This has been the #1 feature request and it's finally here.

Instead of being limited by just a step + a wait step, we've built a crazy flexible system we feel better aligns with our customers needs to create laser focused outbound campaigns.

It also aligns with building a "super" product, and let's be honest, our previous sequence builder wasn't very "super". But now it is 🤩, so let's take a look at how it works.

The updated sequence builder in super send

Drag and drop interface

Dragging And Dropping Nodes

Drag and drop the actions from the right hand side to the area on the left. Then connect the nodes as you see fit. Don't want a wait step! You don't need one (although you should probably wait a little bit!).

Conditional Node

We now support the ability to put an "if" statement in your sequence. The following conditions are currently supported though we will be expanding these soon:

  • opened email
  • clicked email
  • accepted LinkedIn invitation
  • has email
  • has LinkedIn
  • has twitter
  • replied on LinkedIn
  • replied on twitter
  • are connected on LinkedIn

This makes for some insane flexibility.

A pretty extravagant sequence

For existing customers, don't worry, your existing campaigns will still run just fine. You can't convert legacy sequences to the new sequence builder, you'll just have to create a new sequence.