Our huge lead list giveaway

Our huge lead list giveaway
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In case you missed it we put together a huge list of YC funded startups with verified email addresses. You can request access to that list here (Yes it's free!):

Google Docs: Sign-in
Access Google Docs with a personal Google account or Google Workspace account (for business use).

Product Updates:

  • A/B testing is here!
  • Consolidated view of all campaigns on the Dashboard
  • Personalized images now support actual dynamic images and text (only supported text before)

Community Wins:

If you'd like to be featured here, respond to this email. Love hearing about customers booking calls!

Insight of the week:

LinkedIn has been cracking down on automated messages and even automated profile views. Even with only 25 automated profile views a day my account was getting shut off. As a result, I lowered the max platform-wide to 20 per day just to stay safe. I'm happy to open that up for everyone but I like having sensible defaults out of the box. In short, stay below 20 per day and you should be good, but keep in mind, this might delay a campaign since that LinkedIn step will be the main squeeze point in the sequence.


Struggling with how to structure a campaign? Need some help with copy? Or just overall would like a consult on cold email strategy? Check out our sister company Cold Email Studio. Mikey, the CEO, offers some free strategy sessions to help your campaigns really shine!

Happy Sending!