Product Updates July 2023

Product Updates July 2023
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Simple Sequence Builder

You can now choose between the current sequence builder (advanced builder) and the simpler one we used to have. the is so nice. 80% of campaigns are linear. You can still go crazy if you'd like but most of you just need a simple tool to do simple things.

super send's simple and advanced sequence builder

Email Warming Topics

All our mail warming emails are AI generated. But now you can actually tell us what topics you want sent! Amazing! You can do this at the team level to keep on brand even while warming up your emails.

Linkedin Weekly Limits

You can now set weekly linkedin limits! They were 100 before and can now go up to 200 (or down to zero). This is nice for those of you with Sales Nav that can get away with more than 100 profile views in a week. Enjoy those sweet sweet connections!