Release 12/1/22

Release 12/1/22

AI Subject Rewriter

  • new AI model produces better results

Email Warming

  • control ramp up amount
  • control number of email sent via email warmup separately from number of emails for campaigns
  • only ~50% will be replied to (random). Having 100% reply rate is not ideal for email warming.

Shared Inbox

  • improved the shared inbox to accommodate zoho


  • fixed bug with tracking pixel.
  • filter by unsubscribed on the events page


  • can now delete a sender email. it will finish any contacts who have been sent to from that email and will unassign leads who were previously assigned to that sender
  • email signature - now with an editor that will auto write html for you or you can copy and paste in html from elsewhere.
  • detect zoho issue when they suspect too many emails being sent


  • improved reliability of linkedin connection requests
  • auto assign the linkedin account to all campaigns.
  • know when someone accepted your connection request! you can filter for it on the events page now too. This checks every hour.


  • catch when Twitter pauses DMs due to a spam flag.