Release 12/31/22

Release 12/31/22
Photo by Ankush Minda / Unsplash
  • 30% more accurate email validator
  • We now support Linkedin Sales Nav urls as well as Linkedin recruiter urls.
  • Start Node + Note Node  in sequences. Start your sequences more clearly with a start node and write notes to yourself about what the flow does.
  • Undo / Redo button in sequences


  • More filters on the leads page. Filter by people with / without emails and linkedin urls.


  • The dashboard will more clearly show when you have run out of leads (#1 reason a campaign stops running)

Email Settings

  • you can now have separate imap and SMTP settings (this makes using something like Mailgun or Sendgrid possible as a sender, just be warned that this limits our ability to know when a sender has replied).

Email Warming

  • we are now actively checking for bounced emails from email warming. If an email address bounces more than 3 messages, they are banned from email warming and removed from the email warming pool. It may be that someone inadvertently turned on a spam filter or something to prevent emails from being sent.


  • you can now scrape pages of leads directly from linkedin! Checkout the chrome extension and do a search. when you are on the page with the results, open the chrome extension and click Linkedin Leads