Release 2/20/22

Release 2/20/22
  • 🐞   bug fix on the chrome extension
  • ✅  auto check dmark and dkim on the sender page
  • 💨  try to speed up dashboard loading and campaign saving performance
  • 🌙  some ui fixes for dark mode
  • 📑  paginate senders page
  • 📆 multiple schedules - you can now send campaigns in multiple different timeframes (within the same timezone)!
  • ⌛️  revision history - restore previous versions of a sequence
  • 🚨 emergency sequence logging  - log out the sequence to the console by hitting "command + shift" in case of saving errors.
  • 📊   Performance Page - compare all your campaings across various teams, and users
  • 📧 Auto list unsubscribe headers when the campaign has the "unsubscribe" heading turned on. This helps reduce the number of spam reports by giving people an easy way to unsubscribe.
  • ✨ The ai subject + body rewriter on the email node will now let you apply the variations to your B, C and D tests to very quickly get B/C/D test variants.