Release 2/3/23

Release 2/3/23
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash
  • google oauth - log in with gmail with one click - only available on the growth plan.
  • white label - go to the admin page to upload a logo to display instead of super send
  • admin page cleanup
  • campaign settings page cleanup
  • just replies inbox - mark leads as interested / not interested
  • linkedin global max - we will only do 100 linkedin messages per 7 days . people were shooting themselves in the foot!
  • webhooks!
Webhook Integration
Our latest integration is with webhooks. Webhooks let us send you events as they happen. Webhook Documentation: Webhooks - DocsGet notified on events from a contact like opens, clicks, and replies.Docs To set up webhooks, go to the integrations page in your campaign settings and enter in the url
  • switched chat to intercom
  • new help desk at :
Super Send Help Center
  • you can now track links from custom lead variables (for example if you have a loom embed and you want to track how many people click on the loom embed)
  • text based 2-fa.
  • Use sendgrid or mailgun as a sender with a gmail imap connection - verified replies get found correctly.
  • full mailbox will pull 1 day's worth of email, and you can now go forward or backward in time to help manage your inbox and replies better.