Release Notes 12/9

Release Notes 12/9


  • scrolling improvements
  • you can now  change text colors + fonts
  • if you try to leave with any unsaved changes, it will warn you!

Email Warming

  • we stopped sending to zoho emails. idk man Zoho is doing something funky. So zoho email warming still works but we don't send to any zoho emails. annoying! unfair!
  • added 10 seed email warming emails to verify inbox status more accurately.
  • added a configurable ramp up period
  • email warming

Email Templates:


  • uploaded a few videos that are deeper dives into the software.


  • you can now send messages to people you are connected to, it will auto check for replies and finish the contact once they reply to a message.
  • We removed the character limitations to allow for spintax and liquid syntax within linkedin and Twitter messages. Be careful your message does not exceed 300 characters otherwise we will clip it (otherwise the message would fail).

Campaign Settings

  • you can now skip leads if they have already been used in another campaign. Check out the campaign settings for the toggle to turn this on or off. It's off by default.

Text Editor

  • HTML View! You could now (if you wanted to) copy and paste really pretty looking email designs.

Email Warming

  • Longer and varied email warming AI generated text. yay!


  • Prettier charts!
  • Campaign Logs - Scroll to the bottom of your dashboard to see any errors or why a campaign stopped running.

Campaign Settings

  • you can now control the percentage of new leads that begin your sequence. It was fixed at 20% before, now you can prioritize sending to new leads as you see fit.