Simple Cold Outreach Is Better Cold Outreach

Simple Cold Outreach Is Better Cold Outreach

Inside are some subject lines for high reply rates from actual campaigns on Super Send and a free course on building a content machine using cold outreach.

First of all, thank you! The Super Send crew is now 2k strong and growing fast. We've at times struggled to keep up and have been working tirelessly to maintain stability and crank out requested features as quickly as possible, but it means the world to me you all are along for the ride! I appreciate your support so so much, it's been a really tough journey for me personally on this product, but I couldn't be more excited about the future.

So let's jump in. I want to talk today about simplicity. Take a gander at this frankenstein of a campaign below:

a 244 step sequence

I'm not sure what it is about cold outreach that trips people up so much but boy have we seen first hand just how complicated some people make it! Take this actual campaign with 244 steps! You know how long it would take to build this! Sheesh! It's insane!

But more importantly, guess what the performance of this campaign was? Average.

You are (empirically) better off launching smaller campaigns with thoughtful a/b tests and picking the winner of each previous campaign and sending to a new batch of 250 per campaign. Once you lock in, then scale it up, but not before!


Subject Lines of top performing campaigns:

  • Subject Line: "A Question For {{company_name}}" - Reply Rate: 18.5%
  • Subject Line: "A Message to Doctor {{first_name}}" -  Reply Rate: 14.36%
  • Subject Line: "Need marketing partner" - Reply Rate: 9.2%

For the month, these 3 are the highest performing subject lines. See how simple that was?!?! No need to agonize over email subjects. While I wouldn't consider any of these sophisticated cold outreach strategies, they work! Unless you're ready to get fancy and experiment, keep it simple.

Free Course - Using Cold Outreach To Build A Content Machine:

My good man Mikey Howe from  (disclosure, it's part of put together this awesome free course over the past few weeks on how to create a content machine. Part of the course talks about using cold outreach to book interviews with people. With 10 ish interviews, you've got ~ 6 months of daily video content if you chop the videos up right.

In a market where it's tougher and tougher to get people to reply to cold emails, you don't need to throw the entire channel away, just get creative on your strategy!

Take a look:

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Our most recent giveaway went a little crazy on twitter. Here's the link to the doc with the script. This is bundled into the Super Send chrome extension but in case you want to run it on your own, here it is: | Scrape Linkedin Search Results
Scrape Linkedin Search Results by 3 simple steps. Let’s go! Step 1: Go to results page Go to the Linkedin Search page Input your search query. The page url should look like

Release Notes:

Honestly with all the growth we've been prioritizing stability, but since we last chatted here a few key updates:

New Super Send Intro Video
  • Outlook - 100% rewritten to use microsoft's new API. 10x fewer disconnections. 1 click connection.
  • more consistent campaign sending. We grew too quickly too fast and struggled to chomp through all the campaigns.
  • pipedrive integration bug fixes
  • Select an a/b/c/d test winner
  • Add the email Sender to the leads export.
  • Update the chrome extension for better linkedin scraping
  • Improved linkedin profile lookups for less Linkedin Failures.
  • Update API docs
  • optional 2-fa for all email / password users.
  • Add leads to the "team" -> then add them to a campaign.
  • improved email warming emails with GPT.
  • Linkedin One-Liners
  • A bunch of other little bug fixes that are pretty boring but were super important :)

Happy Sending,