Super Send Is Fully Liquid πŸ’¦

Super Send Is Fully Liquid πŸ’¦

ok ok, if you haven't been following the SBF crypto FTX saga then this subject will make little to no sense for you ... you can wait for the movie, it's going to be a rollercoaster!

Anyways, we're just quietly spinning out magic over here. Or not so quietly...

We released our little app on Product Hunt this week, to little fanfare, I'm pretty sure it's rigged. But still, upvote it plz so we don't finish dead last this week.

Campaign Tracking (or not!)

This week due to a bunch of folks who want to do cold email but not track anything ... well you can do that now! Just toggle off tracking in your campaign settings! Do I have any idea why this is useful! I sure don't! But they say listen to your customers so here you go!

Liquid Support

Oh and the liquid part was a little tongue-in-cheek. We now have liquid support. I haven't had the time yet to do a blog post but this is now possible:

{% if gender == "male" %}Hello my male friend, this isn't creepy is it?,{% endif %}

{% if gender == "male" %} Dude, {% else %} A More Evolved Human,{% endif %}

{% if type == "awesome" or type == "terrible" %} We know you're either really good or really bad, but we don't know which! {% endif %}

so it's time to get fancy. or not. but now the choice is yours.


LinkedIn continues to be a pain in the a$$. If you experience disconnections, I'd just start the campaign again, reconnect your account via the chrome extension, and let it ride. It's a game of cat and mouse, they change stuff, it breaks things, we fix it, they change stuff. A little like Batman and the Joker only I'm not sure if I'm the Joker or the hero Gotham never asked for. Anyways, I appreciate your patience while we soften some of the hard edges with respect to LinkedIn. We did make a bunch of changes again this week to better handle if you have LinkedIn Sales Nav or not. We also put straight up Linkedin messages on the roadmap, so soon you'll be able to do Linkedin follow ups as a step in your sequence. Nice!

Admin Page

You can now attach an identity to a team. For some of our agency customers, they have like 20 teams ... so it's nice to go to the Admin page now and just assign the right identities to the right teams. Nice and clean. You can also more easily assign users to your Teams. We'll also be adding another permission called a Team Member who doesn't have all those admin permissions, but can do what they need to on a given team. We may go more granular if need be and assign users to individual campaigns too. TBD.

Affiliate Program

I always thought affiliate programs were BS. I was wrong, some people love them! And some people have already brought in customers! Amazing! If you're one of those people that know what to do with an affiliate link, then you can sign up for that here. And thank you in advance, maybe one day we won't be so broke and I'll send you a t-shirt you can wear to bed.

50% off

If you're on the fence, then get down! it's dangerous up there!! Use code producthunt at checkout for 50% off the Growth plan. It's a good deal. and it ends Nov 20th.

If you want the full release notes, peep them here.

I'm running on 6 hours of sleep for you. and also thank you, we've already doubled MRR since last month.

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