Google OAuth Is Here!

Google OAuth Is Here!
Photo by Solen Feyissa / Unsplash
Google OAuth is now available on all Growth plans!

Listen, I hear you. The #1 pain in getting set up on Super Send is how annoying it is to attach a gmail account using the app password.

Over the past few years, Google has been aggressively rejecting applications like Super Send. They rejected us. They do not allow email warming anymore which is why Lemlist had to separate out Lemwarm (and charge separately). Google forced them. Last month, Gmass said they couldn't do email warming either. So even though this set up process is a little cumbersome, we can safely continue providing email warming + email sending in the same product, which is pretty sweet.

Whelp, starting today, available on all Growth plans (and higher plans like our Agency + custom plans), you can now configure Super Send to allow you to log in with Gmail with one click (instead of, oh something around 50!).

Here's how it works:

  1. You need to set up some stuff in Google cloud for your workspace
  2. You give us a permissions file from Google and add it to Super Send
  3. That's it, for either your entire domain or for up to 100 different email addresses, you will be able to one-click connect.

Here's the full docs on getting set up:

Google OAuth setup
one click gmail set up

It's still a little annoying to set up but at least you only have to do this once, and you're good for up to 100 email accounts!

  • Does email warming still work with this? YES
  • Do email sequences still work with this? YES

What else is going on, here's our latest release notes including 2fa:

Release 2/3/23
* google oauth - log in with gmail with one click - only available on the growth plan. * white label - go to the admin page to upload a logo to display instead of super send * admin page cleanup * campaign settings page cleanup * just replies inbox - mark leads as interested

We've also got the beginnings of a pretty rad community at, reach out on support chat if you want access.

We're also looking to interview a few people on their growth strategies that we'll post here on our blog (~3k subscribers). If you'd like to be featured let me know!

Happy Sending!