How to migrate from to Super Send

How to migrate from to Super Send
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Email Sending Accounts

If you already had your email(s) set up with instantly, it's likely that it'll only take a couple of minutes to set them up on Super Send.

Google workspace account:

Assumption: You already have IMAP enabled and 2FA turned on. If not, follow

Step 1: Create a new app password

Follow the steps in this document

Once, you've finished creating an app password, you need to create a sender in super send. You could re-use the same app password but it's smart to set separate passwords.

Step 2: Creating a sender

Go to

Click on Add a Sender

Input the email and the app password you just created. Hit Save.

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat this process for all the email accounts that you'd like to add.

Outlook or Zoho:

Assumption: SMTP is already enabled. If not, check this out

For the rest of the instructions, please refer to

Repeat the process then for all the email accounts that you'd like to add.


As long as the email provider supports SMTP + IMAP, you're good.

Just note down the following from your settings:

  1. SMTP Username or Email
  2. SMTP Password
  3. SMTP Host
  4. SMTP Port
  5. IMAP Host
  6. IMAP Port
  7. IMAP Username or Email (if different than the SMTP username)
  8. IMAP Password (if different than the SMTP password)

Custom Tracking Domain

Create a new Custom Tracking Domain

This article does a better job at explaining how to set one up:

Note: If you no longer use instantly, you can now remove any CNAME records that you added to register custom tracking domain for instantly.

If you feel stuck at any point, feel free to use the support chat to shoot in any questions and we shall be happy to help ๐Ÿ˜„