Top Cold Outreach Tools Battle: Super Send vs. Waalaxy

Top Cold Outreach Tools Battle: Super Send vs. Waalaxy
supersend vs waalaxy

In today's competitive business landscape, cold outreach has emerged as a crucial component of effective sales and marketing strategies. To optimize the cold outreach process, businesses need powerful tools designed specifically for this purpose. Super Send and Waalaxy are two top-notch outreach solutions, each boasting a unique set of features.

These tools empower users across various industries to connect with a vast audience of potential customers through targeted messaging via multiple channels, such as email and LinkedIn, while also tracking responses to maximize conversion rates.

In this article, we provide an in-depth comparison of Super Send and Waalaxy, equipping readers with the necessary information to choose the best cold outreach tool for their use case.

Super Send Vs Waalaxy: Which is Better?

Although these cold outreach tools have certain similarities, they each boast unique features and benefits that differentiate them from one another. For instance, Super Send truly stands out as a multi-channel solution thanks to its advanced Twitter cold outreach module, complemented by a more comprehensive sequence builder and robust analytics & reporting capabilities.

Super Send: Automate Cold Outreach Across Email, Linkedin, and Twitter

Here comes SuperSend, an outreach platform that enables users from different businesses to send highly-personalized emails to their target audience at scale.

Super Send is designed to help sales and marketing professionals connect with potential customers through email, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

One of the key features of Super Send is its intuitive platform, which allows users to create and send personalized messages with ease across different channels.

The platform includes automated follow-up capabilities, ensuring that potential leads are consistently engaged with the business.

With SuperSend, users can easily upload their list of prospects and create customized email sequences, tailored to their specific needs and interests. SuperSend offers a range of features that make email outreach more effective and efficient.

Key Features of Super Send

Automated Email Sending

Super Send lets users send personalized emails to their prospects and customers automatically, at scale.

This platform offers customized email templates that allow users to easily and quickly create professional-looking emails. Users have the option to choose from a variety of pre-made templates or create their own using Super Send's drag-and-drop sequence builder.

Smart Follow-up Sequences

Super Send's smart follow-up sequences allow users to customize the timing and content of each follow-up email, based on factors such as the recipient's behavior or the success of previous emails in the sequence.

In addition to customization options, Super Send's follow-up sequences include tracking and reporting features that allow users to monitor the performance of each email in the sequence. This information can be used to optimize the sequence and improve response rates over time.

Email Tracking and Analytics

With Super Send, users can track their email opens, clicks, and replies in real-time. Users can use this data to measure the effectiveness of their outreach and make data-driven decisions to improve their outreach process.

In addition to basic tracking metrics, Super Send also offers advanced tracking features such as link tracking and email client tracking.

Advanced Personalization

Super Send offers advanced personalization features that allow users to create highly targeted and personalized emails. With Super Send, users can segment their email lists based on a variety of criteria, including demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Further, the tool offers dynamic content features, which allow users to personalize the content of their emails based on the recipient's past behavior or other data points.

For example, users can include personalized recommendations based on the recipient's past purchases or browsing history.

In addition to segmentation and dynamic content, Super Send also offers personalized send times, which allow users to send emails at the best possible time for each recipient.

This feature takes into account factors such as the recipient's time zone, past email behavior, and other data points to ensure that each email is sent at the optimal time for engagement.

Email Scheduling and Management

Super Send helps users schedule their email outreach in advance so that they go out at the optimal time for their audience. Users can also manage their email list and contacts, with easy-to-use tools for list segmentation, contact management, and email verification.

Users can create targeted email lists based on factors such as industry, location, or job title, and easily manage their contacts from a centralized dashboard.

Super Send also offers customizable email templates for crafting better emails. Users can choose from a variety of pre-designed templates, or create their own using the platform's drag-and-drop editor.

More Features of Super Send

  • Super Send has an email finder feature that enables users to search for and locate email addresses of potential clients for their marketing or outreach campaigns.
  • Super Send has the ability to easily send targeted, one-off messages to prospects who meet specific criteria, such as opening your email more than three times.
  • Another feature is the ability to create dynamic messages using variables like {{first_name}}, {{company_name}}, and {{job_title}}.

This feature enables users to craft personalized messages that resonate with their prospects, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

  • With Slack notifications, users can receive real-time updates on replies, while Super Send continuously imports contacts from HubSpot and adds them to your campaign automatically.
  • Super Send also provides the option to give a LinkedIn profile, and it will find the person's name, company, title, and sometimes even email.
  • Finally, Super Send's AI can rewrite subject lines and emails for extra creative help, making it a powerful tool for prospecting and outreach.

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Integration with Different Tools

Super Send has the ability to integrate with other tools, allowing users to integrate with any tool using APIs and webhooks.

Offerings of Super Send

Email Inbox Rotation

With Super Send's email inbox rotation feature, users can attach multiple email addresses to a single outreach campaign, increasing their email-sending volumes. The best part is that these email addresses can be from different domains, providing greater flexibility and versatility in email outreach endeavors.

Email Outreach A/B Testing

Super Send offers Email Outreach A/B testing, helping marketers optimize their cold email outreach by identifying the elements that resonate best with their audience, leading to higher conversions and revenue.

Super Send supports up to 4 versions of the same email cold outreach message template with slight variations and sends each version to a small segment of their email list.

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LinkedIn Automation

Super Send helps in cold outreach on LinkedIn, enabling users to customize messages by personalizing them with the recipient's name, and highlighting how their product or service can address their specific pain point. The tool connects with LinkedIn using the Chrome extension.

Twitter Automation

Super Send helps users to optimize their outreach on Twitter. The tool personalizes user messages by avoiding generic content and including details such as the recipient's name, recent tweets or articles they've shared, or shared interests.

Additionally, Super Send allows you to follow up with prospects who may not respond immediately and engage with them on Twitter by liking and commenting on their tweets.

The tool connects with Twitter using Google OAuth.

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Waalaxy: A LinkedIn Cold Outreach Tool

Waalaxy is a cold outreach tool that simplifies prospecting efforts on email and LinkedIn. With multi-channel prospecting, users can significantly increase their conversion rate and save time. The tool offers an easy-to-use dashboard and a variety of campaign templates that helps users create automated sequences and actions in just a few clicks.

Key Features of Waalaxy

Multi-Channel Prospecting

Waalaxy provides access to multi-channel prospecting to reach your prospects on multiple platforms like email and LinkedIn and increase your conversion rate.

Additionally, Waalaxy features an auto-reminder that ensures you don't forget anyone while reaching out to your contacts.

Campaign Creation

With Waalaxy, creating cold outreach campaigns is easy. Users can create a list of prospects based on their desired domain, by selecting the number of contacts they want to find.

Users can also choose from a variety of campaign templates, each of which is detailed to help them understand what it's all about.

Personalization of Messages

The tool takes care of contacting prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, and email, sending personalized messages and requests to connect to LinkedIn profiles, all of which are automated.

Automation of Sequences

Waalaxy allows users to automate their prospecting actions and save precious time every day. The tool is renowned for its ease of use, as well as its innovative features that make prospecting effortless.

Offerings of Waalaxy

Cold Email

Waalaxy has an email finder tool that helps users find the email addresses of potential prospects. The email finder tool uses advanced algorithms to search through various sources, including public databases, social media, and company websites, to identify the most accurate email address for a given individual or company.

The tool also offers a built-in email verification feature to ensure that the email address is valid and active.

Email Finder

Waalaxy offers cold email capabilities as part of its multi-channel prospecting features. With Waalaxy, users can create and send personalized cold emails to their prospects, all from within the same platform. Furthermore, Waalaxy allows users to import their own email templates or use one of their pre-built templates to streamline their outreach efforts.

The tool also offers automation of email sequences, follow-ups, and reminders to increase the chances of converting prospects into customers.

LinkedIn Prospecting

Waalaxy’s LinkedIn prospecting tool enables users to automate their lead generation and outreach efforts. Users can create highly targeted campaigns based on job titles, industries, locations, and other criteria to reach their ideal prospects.

Further, Waalaxy offers message templates and customization options for personalized messages, follow-up sequences, and performance tracking for optimizing campaigns.

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Drawbacks of Waalaxy

  1. Limited to Google Chrome: Waalaxy is a Google Chrome extension, meaning that it can only be used within the Chrome browser. This may not be ideal for those who like to use other browsers or require a tool that works across multiple platforms.
  2. Learning Curve: Although Waalaxy offers an intuitive interface, some users may find it difficult to get started with the tool, particularly if they are not familiar with prospecting automation tools.
  3. Limited Social Media Integrations: While Waalaxy offers integration with LinkedIn, it doesn't support other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Price Options for both Email Outreach Tools

Waalaxy has limited offerings compared to the Super Send tool. Even in a similar set of categories, the super send tool provides a lot more value with added features.

For, example in the basic version Walaaxy provides only 800 messages per month which are comparatively very low to Super Sends 6000 messages a month.

Waalaxy provides Email features only in the Business version whereas Super Send provides Emails features as well as a Twitter feature from the basic versions. Also, Twitter automation is not available in the Waalxy software.

Super Send Pricing

The platform offers three different plans for businesses. Also, the tool provides a 14-day trial.

  • Start up: 40$/month
  • Scale: 75$/month
  • Growth: 150$/month

Super provides unlimited contacts, API support, live chat with real humans, email warming, email validation, lead enrichment, and personalized intros in all of its plans.

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Waalaxy Pricing

  • Pro: 60 € (~$64)/month
  • Business: 80 € (~$86)/month
  • Advanced: 120 € (~$128)/month

Waalaxy Customer Reviews

Super Send has undoubtedly established itself as one of the finest multi-prospecting outreach tools currently available. Its comprehensive suite of features, including email, LinkedIn, and Twitter prospecting, personalization, automation, and analytics, renders it an invaluable asset for businesses aiming to streamline their outreach initiatives and boost conversion rates.

Moreover, the tool offers in-depth reporting on campaign performance. Its insightful analysis enables users to retarget and send one-off messages to recipients who have opened emails more than three times.

Additionally, Super Send allows users to connect multiple email-sending accounts, enabling them to effortlessly rotate and increase sending volumes across various accounts.

Perhaps the most significant advantage is the convenience of managing multiple accounts within the tool itself. Super Send's built-in dashboard consolidates all information in one centralized location, simplifying the user experience.

What does this mean for you? If you're an agency, all your clients under one roof. If you're a growing company, all your outbound efforts at one place.

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