💌 Moar Discounts + A Whole Lot of Email Value

💌 Moar Discounts + A Whole Lot of Email Value

Happy Friday Super Senders!


We've extended our offer of 50% off the Growth plan until Nov 5th because there were a few stragglers. It's still an unbelievable deal at full price. At half off it's a no-brainer (this is coming from someone who used to spend thousands a month on Lemlist). Use the code ALITTLELATE at checkout (applies to the Growth plan only, and no more extensions!)


We're throwing out features faster than the FED can print money

money printer go brrr

Shared Inbox - uhhh so cool. one inbox for dozens of email addresses to quickly reply.

New Email Validator - We've given our email validator a big upgrade. There are now 3 states (pass, not pass, and we have no idea). Read more about that here.

Info Plz! - With great power comes great confusion... so we made some handy walkthrough pages for each page in the app. More coming every day!

There were some other bug fixes etc, but that's boring.

Giveaway Roundup!

Grab these and level up your outbound game. Remember. The more people you reach out to, the more people who visit your site, the more sales you get. It's not 🚀 science, but it's hard to stay consistent. KEEP GOING.

Giveaway number 1: A bunch of subject lines!

Giveaway number 2: Follow Up Templates!


Need help building lead lists and writing copy?  Our friends at Cold Email Studio are offering free strategy sessions to venture backed startups. Book directly with Mikey here. Mikey is the CEO of Cold Email Studio, is in the UK and is also a super nice guy who knows his stuff!

Feature Roadmap:

These are not necessarily in order but here are a few things we are cooking up.

#1 - LinkedIn follow ups

#2 - More flexible email sending schedules

#3 - Slack messages on an email reply

#4 - Something missing? Ping us!

Happy Sending,