Release 1/22/22

Release 1/22/22


  • you can now also get versions of your email or message body with the new AI Body Rewriter!!!
Rewrite emails using AI


  • Pipedrive Integration is here! Read more about how to set it up
Pipedrive Integration
Super Send now has the ability to integrate with Pipedrive. We will sync all activity back into Pipedrive. To get set up, go to pipedrive and reference the above image to find your personal api token. That’s what you’ll put into Super Sends Integration page: Once you have your personal
  • Hubspot 2-way Sync. We can now write all activity from Super Send into Hubspot


  • If node now supports comparing values on the lead.

you can also use numbers!

Shared Inbox

  • all emails replied to by you will now also be logged on the leads page. Click on the lead and you'll see your replies with the subject and body

Leads Page

  • uploading custom values on the leads page via CSV. You can now properly map your custom variables when uploading a CSV.
  • The lead pop out (click on the info icon for a lead) will now show activity with email, subject, and which account it was sent from. This is nice when you have a bunch of different emails you're sending out from.

Bugs Fixed

  • When sending a follow up email with spintax in the subject, the correct subject line is now used.
  • Email Warming wasn't sending to all emails
  • Clone sequence issue
  • More logging / better logging for campaigns.
  • Email sending amounts. sometimes addition is hard. Some accounts were sending a few more emails than they should. That's fixed now.

2 Factor Authentication

  • To enable two-factor authentication, go to your profile page (


  • you can now optionally BCC an email address for all campaign emails or just for your replies. This is nice to  sync with other CRMs or to more easily manage multiple mailboxes.