What is Email Warming?

What is Email Warming?
What is email warming? How to warm up a new cold email address

Email warming is the process of slowly increasing sending volume from a new email address using a tool that makes sure the email lands in the inbox, and not the spam folder of the recipient. It's critical for new domains to warm up before sending high volumes of emails. If you do not warm up your email address sufficiently, you are more likely to get marked as spam by Google.

In short, email warming accomplishes two things:

  • increases your sending volume
  • increases the likelihood your email lands in the recipient's inbox.
  • Decrease the amount of emails that go to your spam folder.

The best way to warm up a cold email address is to use a tool that will send emails to hundreds of people that mark the email as important, remove it from their spam folder, and make sure it lands in their inbox.

Doing this over time will increase the chance of your email landing in someone's inbox vs their spam folder.

It's also important to slowly ramp up the amount of emails you send so that when you are ready to launch a campaign, you can actually send more volume than you otherwise would have if you had not warmed up your email address

Tips For Reducing Getting Marked As Spam

The best way to not get marked as spam is to not send it in the first place! Sounds obvious but if you genuinely do research on your prospects and send them a thoughtful message, you are an order of magnitude less likely to get marked as spam.

In short, do more research on your prospects and send fewer, more targeted emails to them. Your conversion rates will go up, and you will have far fewer emails marked as spam.

Email Warming Tools


Lemlist recently split it's email warming tool into a separate service called lem warm. It serves the same function as it used to which is to increase the amount sending volume.


Super Send has a built in emailing tool that serves the same function as Lemlist, however it is all in one tool (whereas lemlist asks that you buy two separate subscriptions).